several ways to become the best version of you. 

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Private Instruction  

A private lesson is single fastest way to get your Spey casting tuned up. The direction of the lesson is based on your needs and skill level. It might be the first time you pick up a Spey rod or maybe you are looking for a tune-up prior to a trip. Whatever the case, you will get armed with information and technique, and have the tools to works the kinks out as you get further down the road. 

Video analysis is included in the price. This helpful tool allows you to see what you are doing right and what you need to work on. It's a great visual aid for this highly visual sport. 


Spey Clinics/Group instruction/classes

The typical class has up to 6 students, last 3-5 hours, and ranges from $100-$150 per person. Stay tuned for upcoming class announcements via the Blog or Social Media.  

Group instruction is available and format is customized to meet your needs. Hourly rate per person is $75 for 2, and $50 for 3 or more.



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Half Day Boat Lesson

A half day boat lesson is a great way to get your casting and fishing techniques tuned up in real fishing situations. Launching a boat gives us the ability to work from both river left and river right. Focus of the lesson depends on your needs. The typical day lasts 4-5 hours, fishing 4-5 runs, with the emphasis on casting, reading water, fishing the fly, fly selection, line selection, sink-tip selection, knots and so on. 

This is fantastic way to get tuned up for a trip, become more self-sufficient, or just learn more about the process of Spey fishing.