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Spey casting is a life long journey that is mastered by few, but enjoyed by many. I'm not sure that I have seen the top of the mountain, let alone reach it. But throughout my journey and process of evolving as a Spey caster, I have had the opportunity to help others in theirs. I see speylesson.com as a resource for anyone interested in taking the next step up that mountain. In this site you will find links to my favorite casting videos, opportunities for classes and instruction, guide service, and a blog roll to keep you entertained and informed.


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video analysis

Golf, Baseball, and many other sports use video analysis as a teaching tool. So why not fly casting? Don't live nearby? That's ok, I also do Remote Video Analysis!


Guided Trips

Now booking steelhead Spey trips on the Upper Rogue! Go here for more information. 


Private instruction

Book a private lesson today and become the best version of yourself! 


spey clinics

Keep up to date on upcoming Spey classes and clinics.

Spey Casting Is easy
— said no one ever