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Spey casting is a life long journey that is mastered by few, but enjoyed by many. I'm not sure that I have seen the top of the mountain, and I certainly haven't reached it. But throughout my journey and process of evolving as a Spey caster, I have had the opportunity to help others in theirs. I see as resource for anyone interested in taking the next step up that mountain. In this site you will find links to my favorite casting videos, opportunities for classes and instruction, guide service, and a blog roll to keep you informed. 



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Sage Fly Rods have been a part of my guide program for 20 years. I am proud to be part of the Sage Elite Pro Team and the relationship with Sage as a Northwest company. Every Sage fly rod is made on Bainbridge Island, Washington, USA. You won't find better quality, innovation, or selection than what Sage has to offer!



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My guide career started in 1998 with at Rainbow King Lodge in Alaska. That led me to Colorado where I spent three seasons at Elk Creek Lodge as a fly-fishing and elk hunting guide. Off-seasons were spent in Southern Oregon where I fell in love with the Rogue River. Most notably was a year residing in Gold Beach, where the Lower Rogue and a Spey rod came together in harmonic fashion. Over time, I developed a year round program which included guide venues in Northern California during trout season, the Upper and Lower Rogue for steelhead and fall chinook, and the coastal rivers and Applegate River for winter steelhead.

I first picked up a Spey rod in 1999. Since then, I have been dedicated to the craft of two-handed casting and angling. I have had the opportunity to teach hundreds of fly-fisherman the merits of two-handed casting through guiding, Sage endorsed clinics, private instruction, and regular appearances at the Sandy River Spey Clave. Most recently I worked for four years at the Ashland Fly Shop under the title of “Angler at Large” where I conducted classes, taught private instruction, wrote articles, and guided local waters. My time at the Ashland Fly Shop is something I am both very grateful and proud of. We set out to entertain, educate, and inspire. Hopefully we did more of that than offend, confuse, and discourage! At any rate, the AFS deserves an award for letting me "run a muck" for so long.  

Currently, I continue to guide local waters in the Rogue Valley, teach private instruction and conduct classes. i reside in rural Medford with my wife, daughter, and too many pets. 



"In a world with lots of “Experts”, only a few truly reach such level. In the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon one such individual stands out and stands tall in the Spey Game…Jon “Bon” Hazlett. He gets it done, be it on the water guiding, at the various Spey Claves and Events along the Pacific Rim, and Especially in the Theater of Individual-Hands On lessons. With serious expertise and the most forward thinking in the industry, you’ll find yourself in good hands with Jon, plan on it.”

-George Cook, Sage Fly Fishing

"Jon claims that his first spey casting lesson occurred nearly 20 years ago during a phone conversation with me. He was calling for advice about how to become a steelhead flyfishing guide in Oregon. Since then Jon and I have spent a good many days together on the water and I've watched him become one of the industry's great guides, casting instructors and all-around personalities. If you value humor, a relaxed informative style, and learning from someone who makes everything look easy, Jon is your man."

-Ken Morrish, Fly Water Travel

"I’ve known Jon Hazlett for many years, having first met him at the annual Sandy River Spey clave in Oregon, more than 10 years ago. Back then he was an enthusiastic, budding Spey caster, full of passion to master this sport, and eager to learn, listen and put in his dues. Fast forward to 2018 when a lot of those dues have been paid, and I have watched Jon progress to becoming an excellent Spey caster - very accomplished in all the casts, and a highly talented instructor and demonstrator. Jon’s explanations are clear, simple and very easy to understand, and he has an incredible grasp of the skills and nuances of teaching. In addition, he is one of the most patient instructors I have ever met, and I would highly recommend him to anyone wishing to learn any of the  Spey casting techniques – whether a novice, an improver or an advanced caster."

-Simon Gawesworth, RIO Products Brand Manager